Renewable Energy

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Choose Renewable

Member utilities offer customers the option of purchasing renewable energy through the Choose Renewable program. For two dollars per month, customers can purchase a 300kWh block of renewable energy—from clean and affordable resources like wind, solar and biogas. It only takes two or three blocks of renewable energy to power the average home every month. And, with no equipment to buy or install, there’s no need to worry about payback periods or annual maintenance costs.

Of course, renewable energy isn’t just good for the planet. It can also help control energy costs over the long haul. The money spent on renewable energy goes toward new, green energy alternatives that will help control local energy costs in the future. And because it is generated in the Midwest, renewable energy can help increase our energy independence. With Choose Renewable, we can make a difference.

Renewable Energy Grants for Non-Profits RFP

This grant program supports customer-owned projects in WPPI Energy member communities without impacting wholesale rates. The program benefits non-profit entities such as churches, schools and municipal/government buildings, to install renewable energy (wind, solar PV, etc.) projects that offset their energy use and promote their environmental commitment. WPPI has been involved in the funding of renewable energy projects for over a decade and continues to see increased interest by customers and member utilities. This RFP program has been designed to effectively and responsibly use the revenues from the Choose Renewable program to implement new local renewable energy projects and obtain more Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to mitigate future carbon impacts.


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